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Version 0.3.3: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Non-Player Characters[edit]

Isleward has a number of non-player characters that interact with the player, offering items and backstory.

Name Level Location Notes
Hermit 10 Fjolarok Sell some item
for new player
Vikar 1 Fjolgard Trade cards
Sell lvl 1 rune
Estrid 15 Fjolgard Sell Empty Vial
Gaekatla Priest 50 Fjolgard Sell Gaekatla gear
Shady Dealer  ? Fjolgard Sewers Trade Cards
Alrik  ? Fjolgard Sells Mounts
Akarei Scout 20 Crystal Caves /
Bjorn 22 Crystal Caves /
Veleif 22 Crystal Caves /
Akarei Artificer 24 Crystal Caves /
Thaumaturge Yala 30 Crystal Caves Sell Akarei neck
The Winter Man 20 Fjolgard Merrywinter event
The Pumpkin Sailor  ? Fjolarok Soul's Moor event

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