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Login Rewards[edit]

Version 0.1.11: This article may not be up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Each day, players receive crafting materials including relatively large quantities of essences. The quantity and quality of rewards increases as the number of consecutive logins increases.


In the following sections, streak represents the number of days the account has logged on consecutively. Unfortunately, streak is capped at 21. Streaks decrease by one each day that the player does not login.

Common Materials[edit]

Players receive Iron Bars, Leather Scraps, Cloth Scraps, and Common Essences every day. The total number of common materials is (streak*3)+1, up to a maximum of 16 materials. This total is distributed between the different types of common materials randomly.

Magic Materials[edit]

Starting from day 3, players receive Magic Essence, as well as common materials. The amount of magic essence received is floor(streak/3).

Rare Materials[edit]

Starting from day 5, players receive Rare Essence, as well as previous rewards. The amount of rare essence received is floor(streak/5).

Epic Materials[edit]

Starting from day 10, players receive Cerulean Pearls and Epic Essence, as well as previous rewards. The total amount of pearls and essence received is floor(streak/10).

Legendary Materials[edit]

Starting from day 21, players receive Legendary Essence, in addition to all previous rewards. The amount of Legendary Essence received is floor(streak/21).


  • Prior to v0.1.11, the login reward was awarded per character. This was changed to per-account to prevent farming large amount of essences by switching characters.