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How you can help Isleward[edit]

Besides playing the game, there are many ways you can help Isleward. The ways below are only some of the ways you can help Isleward.

Finding Bugs[edit]

Since Isleward is still in development, bugs may come up. Finding Bugs is one of the ways you can help Isleward. For more information see here.

Making Sprites[edit]

By using this (tool) you can make sprites. If the sprites are likable by Big Bad Waffle you may get a sprite in the actual game.

Updating the Wiki[edit]

Isleward is often updated every day allowing new features, characters, and functions to be added to the game. Thus, the wiki is in need of updates. You can create a new page, upload images and sprites, or update and/or fix pages that need work. For more information, check out the page Wiki Community Portal.