Soul's Moor

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Soul's Moor[edit]

Soul's Moor is the Halloween seasonal event that takes place in October on the island of Fjolarok.

NOTE: As of November 11th 2017, the Soul's Moor event has ended.



Candy Corn can be gathered from pumpkins that spawn on Fjolarok. There are three sizes of pumpkins: tiny, normal, and giant. When gathering candy from a pumpkin, there is a 15% chance for a Soul Nibbler to spawn. Soul Nibblers drop extra candy or the event exclusive Summon Pumpkin Skeleton MTX on death.

Tiny Normal Giant
TinyPumpkin-isleward.png Pumpkin.png Giant Pumpkin.png
1 Candy Corn 1-4 Candy Corn(s) 1-6 Candy Corn(s)

Obtainable Items[edit]

Signet of Witching Banshee's Will Black Cat's Grace Dead Man's Band
Event Ring.png Event Ring.png Event Ring.png Event Ring.png
50 intellect
8 mana regeneration
25 strength
25 intellect
10 health regeneration
50 dexterity
+90% crit chance
350 armor
50 strength

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