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Version 0.3.1: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Crafting Materials[edit]

Crafting Materials are a type of item used primarily to augment equipment, alchemy and cooking. Crafting materials can be obtained by salvaging items, fishing, gathering herbs, and daily login rewards. Crafting materials can be stacked, and only use one inventory space for each crafting material, except for Sun Carp.

Note: YOU CAN'T STACK MORE THAN 20000 ITEM (Split your item on different character)

If have more than 20000, ALL the items will be destroy

List of Crafting Materials[edit]

Name Uses Notes
Iron Bar Augmentation
Cloth Scraps Augmentation
Leather Scraps Augmentation
Common Essence Augmentation Can be used to augment common trinkets
Magic Essence Augmentation Can be used to augment magic trinkets
Rare Essence Augmentation Can be used to augment rare trinkets
Epic Essence Augmentation Can be used to augment epic trinkets
Legendary Essence Augmentation Can be used to augment legendary trinkets
Cerulean Pearl Augmentation Purchased from Angler Nayla with Angler's Marks
Skyblossom Alchemy Can be gathered in Fjolarok.
Moonbell None Can't be gathered in Fjolarok since v0.3.0
Emberleaf None Can be gathered in Fjolarok
Sun Carp Cooking Can be obtained from fishing in Fjolarok
Ancient Sun Carp Fishing Competition Can be obtained during the fishing tournament
Skewering Stick Cooking Can be bought from the Hermit
Empty Vial Alchemy Can be bought from Estrid
Candy Corn Soul's Moor Can be obtained during Soul's Moor event
Snowflake Merrywinter Can be obtained during Merrywinter event


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