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Version 0.1.9: This article is up to date for the latest version of Isleward.

Crafting alters the properties of Equipments by using Crafting Materials. To access the crafting window, press the M key or right-click on the item you want to craft and select craft.

The Crafting UI

To craft, you must select the item you want to craft in the middle and the action you want to take on the left, as well as having the required materials in the inventory. The UI shows the number of materials required as well as the chance of success. Press the hammer button to start crafting.

Crafting Mechanisms[edit]

There are 6 crafting mechanisms available in Isleward.


Augmentation uses Crafting Materials gathered from salvaging to add random stats to items. The type of material needed depends on the type and of the equipment, and higher quality items requires more materials to augment. An equipment may be augmented for unlimited number of times (indicated by the number of green plus signs under the item's name), but the cost increases and the chance of success also decreases after each successful augment. Failure to augment consumes the required materials and removes all existing augmented stats from the item.

NOTE: Runes and some special equipment like Competition Rods cannot be augmented.

Chance of Success for N-th attempt
N Chance of Success Cumulative
1 100% 100%
2 60% 60%
3 35% 21%
4 15% 3.15%
5 7% 0.22%
6 3% 0.0066%


Reroll randomize all stats on an item including those gained from augment. Reroll requires an Unstable Totem and always succeeds.


Relevel modifies the level requirement of an item by 1 or 2 levels in either direction chosen randomly. It consumes an Ascendant Totem and always succeeds.


Reslot changes the slot of an equipment. It requires a Gambler's Totem and always succeeds.


Reforge changes the ability (such as damage) of a Weapon. Reforging requires Brawler's Totem and always succeeds.


Scouring removes any augmented stats from an item with a low material cost.

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