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Game Updates[edit]

Isleward is updated every few months, bringing new features, balances, bug fixes and polishes.

Version Date Notes
Version 0.4.0 2019/10/12 New Sewer Map, Runecrafting and Life on Hit on certain items!
Version 0.3.3 2019/10/12 Small changes, fixes, QOL
Version 0.3.2 2019/05/14 Migrated from SQLite to RethinkDB, small changes
Version 0.3.1 2018/12/12 Android version, block command, auto-sort button, add first rooms of the temple
Version 0.3.0 2018/10/06 Inspect player, spell casting time, loading screen
Version 0.2.1 2018/09/04 Alchemy, cooking, shared Estuary, removed downscaling
Version 0.2.0 2018/05/13 Passive skill tree, attribute requirement, attack/spell crit, dodge chance
Version 0.1.11 2018/04/19 Moderator commands, XP loss
Version 0.1.10 2018/03/24 Game reset, extended sewer, player downscaling
Version 0.1.9 2017/12/29 New runes and slots, stack splitting
Version 0.1.8 2017/12/09 Wardrobe, reward cards, attack/cast speed, Steelclaw, Merrywinter, remapped Fjolgard
Version 0.1.7 2017/10/22 Soul's Moor, item mailing, custom chat channels
Version 0.1.6 2017/08/30
Version 0.1.5 2017/08/22 Fishing Tournament, Austure, daily login rewards
Version 0.1.4 2017/07/02 Crystal Cave, Necromancer
Version 0.1.3 2017/05/24
Version 0.1.2 2017/03/11