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Factions are groups of non-player characters in Isleward. Each player develops a reputation with each faction, causing NPCs of that faction to act friendly or aggressively. Good reputation with a faction can enable players to purchase faction-related equipment from certain NPCs.


Reputation is a measurement of your friendliness towards a faction. The higher your reputation, the more they like you. The lower your reputation, the more they despise you. The different ranks and the reputation required to reach those ranks are listed below.

Name Reputation
Hated -25000
Hostile -10000
Unfriendly -1000
Neutral 0
Friendly 1000
Honored 10000
Revered 25000
Exalted 50000

List of Factions[edit]

Faction Description
Fjolgard The City of Fjolgard.
The Akarei The last descendants of the ancient Akarei.
Gaekatla The goddess of nature.
The Anglers The masters of the arts of angling, lurecrafting, and baiting.
The Pumpkin Sailor The pumpkin sailor scours the seas in search of lost souls
that were doomed to roam the open waters alone.
The Winter Man Bearer of gifts, friend of the downtrodden and the watcher in the snow.
The Forest Imps The imps of the Forest.

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