Beware Lord Squash

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Beware Lord Squash[edit]

Lord Squash
Level: 10
Health: 270000
Attack: All players
Mana: /
Armor: /
Drops: Candy Corn
Haunted Ice Spear
Location: Fjolarok

Lord Squash[edit]

Beware Lord Squash is a recurring event that is part of the Soul's Moor event.

Lord Squash[edit]

Lord Squash is a pumpkin-shaped boss that spawns every 4 hours starting from 12:00 PM server time (UTC) and does not disappear until defeated. He spawns at a pair of stairs near the flamingos on Fjolarok, but will chase players in combat.

He has a lot of health. During the fight he will spawn yellow and purple candies, which can be collected by walking over them. For a short period of time, the yellow candies give frenzy, while the purple candies give life drain.

His attacks deal 10% of you max health as damage. You can block/dodge but armor has no effect against this attack.

He attacks using the special Scatter Pumpkin Pieces skill, which hits all players who are in combat with Lord Squash. For lower-level characters, it is recommended to fight in a party with at least one Rune of Healing Circle equipped.


Defeating Lord Squash will provide the following rewards:


Periodically, Lord Squash will make announcements in the chat:

  • Souls! Souls! Delicious Souls!
  • *Gobble Gobble Gobble*
  • Come, Sailor. I will be your match!